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Defining Sleep Quality Criteria Through Qualitative Evaluation and Biomechanical Research
One-third of a person's life is spent sleeping. What constitutes a normal night's sleep? Can qualitative criteria be established to measure sleep quality? Do correlations exist between environmental and physiological sleep-related products? Answers to these questions began being formulated in late 1988.

A Pioneer--American Sleep Research Institute
In December, 1988, a pioneer in the field of sleep normalcy opened its doors--American Sleep research Institute (ASRI). This fully modernized sleep and biomechanical research/testing facility is the only one of its kind in the United States.

ASRI is solely dedicated to developing measurable, objective criteria to be applied to the study of sleep quality.

Evaluation, Validation, and Certification
Because of growing requirements for evaluation and certification by the FDA and various other institutions and agencies for an increasing number of sleep-related products--bedding, pharmaceuticals, medical and orthopedic supplies--ASRI offers manufacturers specialized evaluation of their product's performance and value, and its relationship to the quality of sleep.

Through qualitative evaluation, utilizing polysomnographic and subjective measures, assessment of qualified product performance can be determined.

ASRI is the only research facility targeted to meet today's demand for commercial/industrial testing of sleep-related products.